Industrial services


EMHA INDUSTRIAL SERVICES is experienced and specialized to have your critical machinery run under optimal, reliable and durable conditions.

EMHA was the first in Europe to introduce epoxy grouting as new standard. This made the company transform to one of the leading companies in the field of industrial pouring (grouting) of heavy, critically aligned machinery and equipment, such as pumps, (reciprocating) compressors, turbines, and installations on baseframes.

In most cases we act as connecting element between mechanical (rotating) and civil departments. Typical clients are (petro) chemical companies, OEM and service companies for (reciprocating) compressors and leading EPC companies.

EMHA offers numerous solutions for foundation repair, alignment, 3D surveying and scanning, on-site machining, vibration / ODS measurements and cold-work repairs. Also we design and build baseframes for machines that are to be installed under API or PIP Practices.

EMHA Industrial Services is ISO9001 and SCC** certified.