MecLev adjustable mechanical chocks


EMHA delivers MecLev adjustable mechanical chocks: adjustable, self-levelling and reusable mounting chocks that can be used to mount rotating equipment. These mechanical chocks are a blend of smart engineering and years of experience. This has led to a strong, stiff and elegant device to end machinery soft-foot problems.

With years of experience in installation and foundation of machinery, EMHA is able to perfectly mount your machines on chocks. However, if you like the mounting to be performed by own personnel, we can also advice and deliver the chocks only. For more information, please visit or contact us.

Why use MecLev adjustable mechanical chocks instead of existing solutions?
  • MecLev® elements help to align and re-align your machinery quick and accurate
  • MecLev® guarantees fast and simple elimination of soft foot under your machinery
  • MecLev® elements eliminate time consuming and expensive machining of steel chocks